[Koltech Group]

Effective solutions
of technological problems

Providing enterprises agents
of its own production as a part of integrated programs of monitoring and improvement of efficiency of technological processes
The EcoChem is a company that deals with production and sales of special products, materials, composites and modifiers, as well as with technologies and technical support for the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, power plants, the construction industry and other industries in Russia and the CIS.

The company is constantly expanding the range of reagents and additives, modifies, refines reagent production technology, optimize the use of their integrated programs.
10 000
production volume
(in tonnes)
customers have chosen us
as a partner in their facilities
regions of presence
and wide geography
of the company
Oil and gas industry
Chemical industry
Power plants
Construction industry
Eco chemistry
Company presentation and product catalog
Koltech research facilities include its own laboratories at the Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute, at the National Oil Refining Research Institute (VNIINP) and at Koltech Special Agents. A mobile service and support laboratory is also available.
25 years on the market
3 laboratory
350 employees
The group has its own state-of-the-art production facilities in Russia that meet all the international quality standards. Excellent service and support are provided via a network of branches and representative offices.
The production site in Safonovo
Production capacity 40000 tons/year

Storage volumes
Liquid reagents solvents – 400 tons
Ready bagged products – 2000 tons
Bagged raw materials – 1000 tons
Areas of business and service
of hydrocarbons
Oil and gas industry
Protection of equipment of major process streams
Oil and gas industry
Protection of water circulation systems equipment
Chemical industry, Power plants, Metallurgy
Reagents for construction
Construction industry
Additives for hydrocarbon raw materials and petroleum products
Oil and gas, construction industries
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E-mail: ecochem@koltech.ru
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